Certificate in Financial Futures, Options and Stock Market/Broker – Market Maker (Part 6)


In the 6th stage, the course is designed to work as a testament to all your previous parts of study. Ongoing support is encouraged, we maintain interaction and offer advice as you proceed with your final step.


Stockbroker: Study Part Questions and Answers

This online course is catered for those who have worked on the previous 5 study parts and still have unanswered questions, or are looking for confirmation of their understanding. The questions asked here are answered and processed in detail so that everything is understood completely before the exam, regardless of whether for Series 3, SIE or Series 7.

Thorsten Schuell, a stock exchange specialist with more than 25 years of international experience at all major trading venues in the world, will answer all questions in English or German. Appointments can be made in groups or individually through online platforms such as Skype where open questions which will be answered and explained in depth.

If questions arise that were not answered in our courses, the fee for this part of the study (stockbroker study part 6 of 6 – Q & A: video calls) will be reimbursed and all explanations will be incorporated into the corresponding part of the course for all other students.

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