Stock broker study part 1 of 6 (basics)


Stock broker study part 1 of 6 (basics)

Divided into 3 simple parts, building on each other and super easy to learn. So everyone gets the tools and basic knowledge to become a stock market professional within their own learning pace.



Stock broker study part 1 of 6 (basics)

Part 1

– Introduction to the various asset classes (investment methods)
– Different ways of building wealth
– What to look for when choosing a broker – bank – investment advisor
– Comparison of the market development for capital investments TODAY with EARLIER
– Practical examples
– Fund (open or closed)
– Bunds and other fixed income investment options
– Start-up investment opportunities
– Investment opportunity gold physically, jewelry, diamonds
– Investments in art or historical vehicles (development from the past with an outlook into the future)
– Share-traded real estate companies (advantages and disadvantages)
– Recognize capital investments from the gray capital market
– Steuern

Part 2

– risk classes
– Asset accumulation through real estate
– Financing and leverage: opportunities
– Stock investment
– raw material plants
– option transactions
– Forex
– Private wealth management (comparison: today versus earlier – when is it worth it?
– Investment opportunity gold, jewelry, diamonds, certificates
– ETFs
– Insurance vs banks or bearer bonds
– Bonds on states

Part 3

– Asset accumulation through stock investments
– Asset accumulation through raw material investments
– Financing and leverage: opportunities
– Option transactions (hedging)
– Forex trading
– cryptocurrencies
– Series3 (does not count as an exam preparation course Series3 USA FINRA!)
– Series7 (does not count as an exam preparation course Series7 USA FINRA!)


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