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After another 8 months of hard work and numerous changes, we are now ready to launch an to announce our stock broker program's prepayment rates. We also introduce our new cooperative partner: IBM, who will assist us with online learning distribution.

What is behind it is more than just a platform for another learning portal for "Daytraders" - "Stockbroing"

-Goal-oriented learning
-Closed chapter
-Division according to US Bank Guidelines
-Practice close by current examples
-Small steps with constant knowledge checking / testing -Extensive set of rules for the FINMA FINA audit -Support when signing up for FINRA
-Studies with university diploma

For the winter semester 2019 - 2020, we will be able to offer a degree program: "Financial Education 2.0" in cooperation with one of the most recognized universities in the UK.

With excellent cooperation and strong partnerships such as with ADM, TickMill, Interactive Brokers as well as other well-known investment houses and banks, the training will be implemented in practice.
Since we are keen to source qualified professionals, we give everyone a chance, after passing their final exam, to apply to one of these companies, with a reference provided by ourselves, and even with an opportunity to get the entire training costs reimbursed in the best cases.

About Thorsten Schuell (Founder)

With more than 25 years' experience in finance, and having lived in 10 countries, Thorsten Schuell is probably an exception in terms of his lived experiences. Mr Schuell has lived in the following countries and territories: Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Ukraine and, last but not least, he is familiar with US customs. He now draws on these lived experiences through a video blog and explains the risks and opportunities that you face as a private investor. At the age of 20, Mr. Schuell laid the foundations for this activity at the then subsidiary of ABN AMRO BANK - MeesPierson Ltd. He was placed in London as a trainee and later commodities trader.
At the beginning of 20, Mr. Schuell laid the foundation for this activity at the then subsidiary of ABN AMRO BANK - MeesPierson Ltd. London laid as a trainee and later commodity traders.
He has been asked many times how to get rich quickly through commodity trading, stocks, certificates, startups and other investments.

His answer is always the same: "Quick does not work!"

Thorsten Schuell has been running this training since 2016 and with more than 6,000 hours of real knowledge transfer as well as constant improvement and revision, he is now finally ready to realize his dream of professional online learning in cooperation with IBM and one of the most lucrative universities in the UK. All of this operates in connection with his own onlinechannel: https://tv4uk.com

All our offers are exempt from VAT according to Article 44 of the Belgian VAT Act and are considered as further education measures. Therefore, they are tax deductible in full from income tax (as in-service training).

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