2 times a month sundays


For those who want to know more about hedge


This price is designed for stock buyers / sellers who are interested in profitable trading ideas. The workshop consists of pure theory. Learned practice-proven strategies.


What's in it?

Videos, PDFs und Live Erklärungen

Starting with the basics of hedging equities

* How can I profit or analyze it?
* Arbitrage vs hedging
* What is to be considered? (CFDs, futures, stock prices US, EU, ASIA)
* What trading methods are available to benefit from such price changes?

Beginning of the course is on 07.07.2018 on Sundays (1 week and 3 weeks per month)! Another visit is possible up to 6 months after first registration. Course duration 4 hours over 2 months.

All our offers are exempt from VAT according to Article 44 of the Belgian VAT Act and are considered as further education measures and are tax deductible in full from income tax (in-service training).


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